Write for GEM

GEM Magazine is looking for people who would like to speak their truth and write an article.

Anyone can write, provided they follow a rough set of guidelines on their chosen topic.*

All articles are intended to either provoke thought, educate or inspire.

For example, some of the general topics may include (but is not limited to);

• A personal story/experience that others may relate to - i.e. dealing with mental illness, the death of a loved one or struggling/overcoming an addiction.
• Raising awareness around an issue/social construct that no longer serves us and offering a potential solution - i.e. How technology can negatively affect our human connections, how relationships need more emotional communication or how globally, our clean water supply is running low.
• Advice from leaders in a particular field - i.e. personal development, relationships, business, politics, psychology…
• Explaining the passion behind certain businesses, public figures, community projects or non-profits.
• An idea/observation on an aspect to help create a better society.
• Shedding light on a particular stereotype or belief.

If you are interested in writing for GEM Magazine, would like to advertise on our website or have any other enquires, please contact: missashleighjames@gmail.com

*Conditions apply.