Where Does Your Sidewalk Walk?

by GEM Magazine / Mar 18, 2015 / Comments

So you have a dream and you plan it perfectly, losing blood, sweat, dollar bills and sleep to the ultimate destiny, and then it trips you on the sidewalk in front of that cutie - humbling yet entertaining. Well let me tell you about my sidewalk so far...

It's pretty full of people, however I get to choose the direction myself. Sometimes I get swayed by shiny store windows or cute boys with beards and go a little off-track, but then a roadblock or stop-light snaps me back.

This studio has always been a dream for me and my sidewalk to success was a perfectly planned, smooth, engineering masterpiece. Through the lease negotiations, planning, quoting, construction and hiring, I had a drop-kick to my perfection bubble and have unlearned that too much planning can leave you behind, stuck in a place without momentum and heavy expectations.

What I have learned is that the sidewalk to success doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to take you to the right place. You can build and reinforce as you go, even taking breaks and stopping to ask friends along the way. The distinction to my learning is that intuition and a tangible heartfelt vision override perfection.

So far in my dream studio opening, I have negotiated and found a "middle" ground on almost everything, rather than waste time, energy and sanity on perfection. When people work together and compromise we can move forward and make dreams reality.

As Frank Underwood, our friend we love to hate, suggests; step by step is what matters. Although this power hungry Politician from House of Cards’ tactics aren't always the best example, he does instill an amazing spirit of progress and dream attainment. For people like Frank, and for people who succeed, there is no stop, just another step to work through to get you to your dream.

After the last two months of cracking down to the opening, I have become more open, flexible and relaxed than I ever have been... probably in my whole life. The truth is I internalize a lot about perfection and perception. I often am guided by how things should look or appear rather than how they feel or can progress.

Now when I'm in a Yoga class, I move more intuitively. When I teach a barre lesson, I'm deciphering how my participants feel rather than how they look in the mirror. Now I move forward with vigour in my personal and professional life as I realize that perfection holds you back, as nothing will ever be or should be perfect. Decisions, bodies, brains and moments should feel right and be consistently taking you to your greater good, even if not necessarily in the exact manner you had originally planned.

Let's walk this uneven sidewalk together and simply step over the cracks, rather than stop to fix all the imperfections along the way that make life exciting and awesome.

By Kristen Jensen

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