Vern Grewal - My Road To Personal Freedom

by GEM Magazine / Apr 13, 2015 / Comments

Happiness is not something you can fake, you can't just put it on like lipstick and mascara. Our moods can change moment to moment but we ultimately decide if we are going to let go and choose happiness over fear.

I am what most people would define as successful. I am financially free. However, my definition of success isn't how much money one person has. A successful person in my eyes is someone who is not only happy financially but also in their personal, physical, emotional and spiritual lives too.

In business, success is a finish line. As soon as you reach it, you move it another 5 miles further down the road. Once I reach a goal, it is replaced by a new one as I am constantly working towards something.

The success I feel on a personal level is completely different to this. When you have found your true passion, it is something that resonates within you and lasts much longer than any business celebration.

Venturing into the fitness industry, I thought I had found this passion. And although I enjoyed it, I now realize the gym was just a business to me, as is building houses. Your passion should not feel like work. It is much more rewarding to make $100,000 doing something you love verses $1,000,000 doing something you don't.

I discovered my purpose recently. It is in the self help industry. Relating to people about my story and struggles creates a feeling inside me and a connection with others that is priceless. And I am fortunate that I can bring my entrepreneurial skills to this amazing industry.

It is rewarding for me to work with my partners John Kim and Padhia Avocado to further the development of the Therapeutic Movement and seeing growth in others. The Angry Therapist is a company that helps people deal with their personal issues such as; anxiety, fear, depression, PTSD, OCD and eating disorders. Some of which, I myself suffer with.

It is my own setbacks which have held me back in life. Although I overcame my fear in business at a young age, my own struggles were a different story. I would hide this pain and self medicate it with relationships and solitude.

Three years ago, leaving an unhealthy relationship helped me face this problem. I decided to work on myself and from doing this I have made more personal breakthroughs than I have in the past 20 years. It had set me free and made me realize that you need a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have one with someone else.

I now know that when I am ready to take this step, I will be inviting my partner to bring their best self to the table, ensuring a happy and supportive relationship.

My advice to anyone wishing to start their own business is to focus on the foundation and structure of what it is you want to achieve. Work towards your end goal one step at a time and don't be afraid to ask for help.

In life, I believe you should put your passions before your dreams, as dreams come and go but your purpose will always be with you.

Interviewed by Ashleigh James

Past owner of Club Phoenix, current owner of Lotus Project Management and partner with The Angry Therapist, Verinder Grewal is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for the self help industry. His focus is to become a global leader in the self help industry, bringing his skills in business to turn personal development into a project people actively seek.

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