Tough Life

by GEM Magazine / Mar 29, 2014 / Comments

“When you're drowning you don't think, I would be incredibly pleased if someone would notice I'm drowning and come and rescue me. You just scream.”
― John Lennon

I have been drowning. I have been at what felt like the bottom of a thousand seas in that dark alone place where it seems that the light of day will never touch your face again.

Thankfully I have never been in that place for long. Inevitably and almost without fail there have been hands that have reached down out of nowhere to help me out into the sun. Often those hands have come in the form of words that a friend, loved one or counselor has said which resonates with me and ignites a spark of fight somewhere inside.

While on my journey I have surrounded myself with things that I see every day that remind me of the positive that life holds and of the power within the words we share.

Every morning I wake up and see a picture on my wall that reads "Make It Happen". As you go down my stairs, hung where my son can also be subtly told, is the gift from a friend that reads "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible!" And around my neck on a pendant you can find the words; "Courage", "Strength" and "Life is tough but I am tougher".

It's these little reminders that help to stoke this feeling of power inside me. It helps to stir this knowledge that not only can I do this but I am not alone in my fight.

All of you have experienced that same power that positive words have. You've seen your child's face when you praise them. You've been hugged by that friend when you've told them how much you care. Your words of encouragement when helping someone reach a goal have been heard, appreciated and often returned.

Recently I have been through some extremely emotionally trying times. I found myself repeating constantly that I was never going to be a victim again. Then after a very deep and self-reflective session with my counselor I realized that my statement needed to change. I no longer use the word "victim" as it implies that I am still in that moment of need.

Instead I choose the word SURVIVOR.

That word implies empowerment, achievement and ability to overcome. Yes, I am a survivor. I am never going to back down from my challenges. I will not stand down in the face of adversity. I choose instead to be that tiger and to fight and claw through anything standing in my way, no matter what the situation is.

Words are extremely powerful and I hope that you are saying what needs to be said and hearing what you need to hear, especially during those hard times!

By Debbie Sterling

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