Three Steps To Change The Aging Process

by Kressa Sisu / May 05, 2015 / Comments

Mark Twain once said; "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

I agree, how you feel about aging will determine how you age. There is so much we can do to keep ourselves vital, active and engaged fully in life.

I have always been fascinated with the function of the brain, having a psychology back ground and being a former social worker. When I began my complimentary approach to healing, I was amazed at how the brain can shift and found that what we think is "our lot in life" is absolutely not the case. The brain is Neuroplastic - "Its ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life can shift and change as we give it what it needs to thrive; like good food, life enhancing thoughts," and exercise (not just the regular exercise) but exercises for the brain.

I believe there are 3 components to "KICK ASS AGING";

1) What you feed your brain is critical for its optimal functioning. The right nutrients can make a big difference in how your brain ages. With high quality nutrients, the brain can restore itself and have healthy cells that are vibrant and help you stay focused. For example;
B vitamins
Fish oils
Chasetree Berry
Pumpkin seeds

2) Rewiring the brain. Change your thinking and feeling states and do exercises like brain gym and meditate. These will help to rewire the brain to make it work for you.

3) The mother of it all is attitude! How do you feel about aging? What is your language around it? I hear the "Boomer Brain" everywhere, along with the negative stories we tell ourselves about aging that then become a self fulfilling prophecy. We use age as a limiting factor. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and clean up your consciousness.

Be self aware. Monitor what you say and think about the aging process, as what you think, you create!

So do not focus on the limitations. Our collective consciousness is full of limiting stories around this time in our lives. It's time to change those stories. We can be, do and have anything, at any age, when we believe we can. There is power much grander than our minds can fathom and when we tap into this, miracles can happen.

I believe we have the ability to age with grace and make this time of our lives work for us. There are so many wonderful stories of people who reinvent themselves at all ages.

The choice is ours!

"Don't ask what the world needs . Ask what makes you come alive and go do that". The world needs more people to come alive. Howard Thurman

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