Sticks and Stones

by GEM Magazine / May 02, 2015 / Comments

As much as I’d love to pretend that sticks and stones hurt more than words, the truth is, hurtful words are like an avalanche that can leave us buried under a ton of scars, low self esteem and pain.

I remember being a teenager, looking at my image in the mirror, wishing and hoping that I would one day wake up looking like the movie stars on tv. Perhaps then my friends wouldn’t use such harsh words like your body is amazing but your face…

I believe we are the sum of the words we hear every day.

I could pretend that a hero, a fairy or an angel came into my life and sprinkled some magic glitter making everything instantly fine, but truth is I remember clearly when it all started to change. It was in the constant encouraging words from my new best friend when I was eighteen.

Every hero has that one person who believed in them, even when the odds were against them. She called me beautiful, she played with my hair and said I should walk with my head up high because there is only one person out there like me. Those words turned my life around.

The truth is all we need is each other’s support as girls. There is power in teaching our female friends how to appreciate themselves just as they are. There is power in looking for the greatness in them and perhaps flooding them with words of encouragement and love.

We will always have to make a choice as girls. A choice between the hateful words and the loving words. Both in giving them and receiving them.

I am always surrounded by loving, powerful girls who shine a light on the great things I do. None of my friends point at my thighs, my face with no make up or my messy hair. They all see me. A divine creature that’s just as perfect as all the others and I see them.

That is what I would love you to do for others. Be that girl who is a light in people’s lives. Shine that light on your character and on your effort to what you wish to contribute, not on material possessions or latest the trends.

And last but not least, allow yourself to find the girls that will uplift you and make you feel as amazing as you are!

By Amani Zein.

Amani is a Mom, an up and coming leader in the Network Marketing industry and public speaker. She is passionate about helping women learn how to love themselves again.

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