Robert M. Drake - Change

by GEM Magazine / Jun 19, 2015 / Comments

You tried to change.
I can give you that,
but people don't become
different people over night.
That's not how it works.
It takes longer days,
and even longer hours
to become, but you will
always be changing,
transforming and shifting,
here and now and later.
So it's okay if you don't
like yourself today,
because you will always bloom
out of the dirt,
and wake up daily to a different you.
It will never end.
You will continue to bloom,
even in the grave.
And flowers will grow
and whisper your name.
In time you will change,
the pain of not knowing
will become air.
And you will become earth.
So keep this in your skull:
Maybe today you are you,
but maybe tomorrow you will
be someone else.
That alone is everything worth looking forward to.

r.m. drake

R.M. Drake, is a self-published writer and author of Black Butterfly and Beautiful Chaos. What sets R.M. Drake apart from many of his best-selling companions is that he came into popularity through massive success on Instagram.

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