My Relationship with Men

by Ashleigh James / Aug 26, 2017 / Comments

Seeing this was like a slap in the face. It wasn't pretty, being aware of my darker aspects, the parts that I rejected. Yet this awareness allows me to see reflections of myself in other people, shining a light on where I need to grow... If I choose the responsibility to do so.

Tinder - One Night Stands To Real Relationships

by GEM Magazine / Sep 08, 2016 / Comments

It’s normal to have a one-night-stand. It’s normal to be tempted. It’s normal to be attracted to someone else. But is it time to get off Tinder, and start enjoying real human connection?

Why I Gave Up Men For A Year.

by Ashleigh James / Sep 06, 2015 / Comments

I'm not interested in a connection for the sake of it. But eventually, I'd like a partnership. Someone who's core values run along side mine so we can co-create something beautiful together.

Shopping for Oranges - Knowing the Person Behind the Skin

by GEM Magazine / Jul 27, 2015 / Comments

We often see people, who on the surface are calm, collected and charitable, then when suddenly faced with pressure become angry, bitter and vengeful. That’s unfortunately in many cases their true nature, but we weren't aware because we were looking at the skin.

Consciously Awake Women - Who We Are and What We Want From Men

by GEM Magazine / Jul 10, 2015 / Comments

Consciously Awake Women are not your average woman. We choose growth and evolution of self. We take pride in our personal development. We dive into the fires of our souls, emotional triggers, past wounds, flaws, mistakes, or pain. We aren’t afraid of therapy and we don’t allow fear to make decisions for us.

Is Your Love Tank Full?

by Kressa Sisu / Jul 04, 2015 / Comments

There's a lot of confusion in relationships, as how we express love is different for each individual. One person can be expressing their language of love and expect the other person to feel loved and content, but if it's in a way that your partner doesn’t understand, they won’t realize you’ve expressed love at all.

Dear Mom...

by Ryan Moen / Apr 21, 2015 / Comments

I know you've said you miss me, but I assure you I'm not gone. Although we live seemingly further and further apart, and don't catch up as often as you'd like - I'm not gone. What we share is something that cannot be lost.