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I had a complicated start to life, spending my first two weeks in intensive care. The doctors said I was a miracle of sorts. I was raised by my hard working and loving Mom, who, to this day is still my inspiration.

I have had to overcome my fair share of challenges in life, from my public speaking phobia as a kid, to watching my dear mother suffer and lose a vicious 3 year battle with cancer when I was 19. Then to discovering my father had passed away a year later due to his own diseases and demons and facing the rejection from some of my family that didn't care to believe I existed. This created a lot of confusion, sadness, anger, and a not so positive outlook on my life. I had to deal with overcoming my own personal addictions and rebellious nature because of this.

After some trouble with the law in my early twenties, I was left wondering what I was doing to myself and why? What would my Mom think if she saw me now? What had I done to myself since she'd been gone. I broke down.

It was on the anniversary of my Mom's passing that I decided to better myself and my life. I became 100% sober and I started to change my life in a positive direction towards helping others and caring for animals. The way my Mom had always shown me. It became my true passion for the last 6 years and I haven't looked back since.

My passion towards people and animals have lead me to setting up my own non-profits; helping comfort families and kids through their struggles in life with diseases, and caring for unwanted, misplaced, abused and neglected animals. Doing this, above anything else makes me happy, especially when I get to see the smiling faces of all the families and rescue dogs when they have found their perfect furever homes.

I am also grateful to be living one of my dreams; flying around the world, helping to rescue animals with SPCA International. And we are blessed to have the best outfitted transporter truck on the west coast for transporting helping transport animals on long distances in a safe and comfortable environment.

Although I am happy, my life isn't smooth sailing. It has been a struggle in continuing to succeed after starting a construction business and non-profit charities at a young age. People don't always take you seriously when you're younger. But we have to let our actions and passions speak for themselves and ignore the negativity. Just keep being you and do what you love to do and it will always keep you moving forward.

I continue to overcome obstacles within my work, charities, relationships and even physically and mentally. Our lives are constantly changing and that's what makes it challenging and exciting. To always have to push forward, to problem solve and learn, to adapt and to be creative. Life can be harsh sometimes and you have to think of new ways to create positivity, then let that shine through and inspire those around you.

In the future, I want to find more creative ways of helping people and animals, raise awareness to help families with sick children/parents as well as hopefully starting a family. We are also currently looking for a location for our Dog Rescue Ranch so we can do even more in the way of helping dogs.

My advice to anyone wanting to make a difference is to just start trying. You can rescue or foster animal or volunteer for a local charity. But it's the little everyday things that can make someone's day; opening a door, helping with a few extra dollars needed at the grocery store, or feeding a person in need. Just start small and see the difference it makes in your life.

One love.

Jesse Adams is an young and inspirational carpenter who runs his own construction company called Adams Exterior Wall Systems. He founded The Lynda Adams Project Society which helps local families and kids with the struggles of cancer, and Co Founded the RainCoast Dog Rescue Society with his girlfriend Brielle.

If you wish to work with or support Jesse with either of his non-profits, send him an e-mail at;

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