Personal development

Don Goodeve - Living From Power Coaching

by GEM Magazine / Sep 26, 2015 / Comments

Looking fear square in the face, I do not need to be afraid of it anymore. It doesn’t exist. There is far more life available outside of that story we create than within.

VK Lynne - My Year of Transformation

by GEM Magazine / Aug 24, 2015 / Comments

It turns out, I was beleaguered by self-hate… pretty damn deep-rooted. However, those roots didn’t take hold overnight, and this wasn’t going to be a quick fix.

Meaghan Archer - How I'm Learning To Love Myself

by GEM Magazine / Aug 20, 2015 / Comments

I was beaten down by my own words and those of others. I let myself feel the pain of others because I thought that’s what love was—sharing pain. "If I hold your pain then you’ll hold my heart, right?" I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Lucas Mckinnon - Searching For Love Outside Of Ourselves

by GEM Magazine / Aug 19, 2015 / Comments

It seems I had found some clever ways to cope with grief: chief among them were self-improvement and an over-dedication to the service of others. 

Bravo, Lucas, bravo.

Noelle Cordeaux - Finding Freedom

by GEM Magazine / Aug 13, 2015 / Comments

I watched with dismay as my sense of personal agency, ambition, and autonomy went down the drain. I believed that I was not entitled to a good life until I had the shape of my body under control. So I punished myself with isolation.

Can Money Truly Make You Happy?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 23, 2015 / Comments

Why do we have a world obsessed with money? The world is in excess of money, it is obsessed with the idea of the life money can provide.

Eric Earling - What The Hell Happened To Me?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 20, 2015 / Comments

A former colleague wrote to me recently, to ask what the inspiration was to completely change my life. On reflection, I found myself asking;

What the hell did actually happen to me?

A lot, really.

I was broken. To the core.

My life was miserable. I was unhappy, overweight and depressed. My marriage was dead. And I wasn’t the father I wanted to be.

4 Ways To Positively Transform Yourself.

by GEM Magazine / Jul 14, 2015 / Comments

The single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, live by exemplary example.

Robert M. Drake - Change

by GEM Magazine / Jun 19, 2015 / Comments

Maybe today you are you, but maybe tomorrow you will be someone else. That alone is everything worth looking forward to.

Following the Yellow Brick Road

by Ashleigh James / Jun 12, 2015 / Comments

I felt as though I was just going through the motions. Why was there still a hole in my life? I figured that the answer I was looking for came down to this; "Who was I and what did I truly want in life?"