The Peaceful Revolution - How To Take Action

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Why did you start the page?

I started The Peaceful Revolution page because I had reached the point where I felt I had to do something. Knowing that we are constantly lied to in order for special interests to profit from human misery drove me to take action. All too often we are unaware of what is being done in our name… and worse we do not ask. When I started to research these things I was sickened and horrified to the point where I HAD to do something… anything. I suggest a simple google image search of Gaza, Iraq, Libya and Syria to quickly see the fruits of our labour in those places.

What is the most shocking aspect of your research?

The most tragic aspect of the lies we are told is definitely the perpetual state of war. Although it's something I've always been aware of, reading "War Is A Racket" by Smedley Butler, clearly illustrated how absurdly profitable wars are. It's sickening to see all the money being made at the incredible cost of human life and effort. This human power and energy alternatively could be used towards an endless list of actions to make the world a better place.

What are some of your strategies to reach people?

I try to use simple documented facts to show things in another light. For example, the hypocrisy of bombing Syria because two hostages were beheaded there, then shortly after seeing Michelle and Barack Obama attend the funeral of the King of Saudi Arabia. This is a country where 85 people have been beheaded this year alone and women are not allowed to drive. Where is the indignation?

I want to nudge people to ask more questions and then come to their own conclusions - It is important to think for yourself!

Where did the name and the idea come from?

Historically, The Peaceful Revolution refers to when the residents of Leipzig, Germany took to the streets under the banner; 'We Are the People' and sparked peaceful protests that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall only a few weeks later. It is in fact the only way meaningful change can come about, and the only way any struggle can be successful. Violence only further justifies the growth of the police state. History also supports this non-violent approach with leaders such as, Dr. Martin Luther King and Ghandi.

Any corrupt system requires 'we, the people' to carry out it's everyday corrupt activities, so the minute the people catch on, it's over.

What are the biggest challenges you face in bringing this information to people?

The truth is often stranger than fiction, so we have to be careful in our delivery of information so it can be absorbed, rather than dismissed as 'crazy' conspiracy theories. The psychological term cognitive dissonance is a process where people refuse to see what is actually going on as it contradicts their world view and shakes the foundations of everything they know.

It's understandable to see why people are in denial, however, you can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences which now surround us in our everyday lives. For example, if someone had said two years ago that secret police in Canada could pick you up and disappear you for up to 7 days with no oversight or due process, I would have laughed and said, "yeah, right". Unfortunately, this is now a reality here in Canada.

What can we do to be a part of The Peaceful Revolution?

1. NORMALIZE THE TRUTH. I can't stress this enough. Every conversation you have, every person you wake up makes it easier for good minded politicians to do the right the thing. Educate yourself and discuss these issues in everyday conversations. Not in hushed tones, but loudly for all to hear. The facts are bare for all to see and there is little left to debate.

2. Gently nudge friends and family in the direction of information and start conversations. This way we can produce a ripple effect.

3. Leave comments below online articles, call into radio shows and share relevant information online.

4. Research political candidates, make demands, go to town hall meetings, ask the hard questions and support the good leaders. Refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils… if they are on the wrong side of an important issue, they do not deserve your vote… DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS.

5. Do not wait for leaders to appear, be your own leader - When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

6. Look for alternative sources of news, corporate media is just that… Corporate.

7. Exercise your rights. Rights not exercised are rights lost.

8. Remember that non-violence is key.

9. Be self reliant and independent. People are most free when they do not depend on anyone else for anything.

10. Never give up or think that things are hopeless… this is basic physics and a fundamental law of nature: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction beginning with you!

"They do not care how much you know…They only care how much you do."

When writers can no longer write propaganda without being ridiculed by thousands of comments below an online article, or radio commentators can no longer limit the discussion without raising the ire of callers, when TV viewers simply tune out and politicians who lie are drowned out at town hall meetings - everything will change. They need our participation: We drop the bombs, we fire the weapons, we are the scientists, we are the police, we are the military, we are the journalists, we are the teachers and we are the bureaucrats… when we cease to participate any longer, it's over.

Interviewed by Ashleigh James.

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