Our Relationship With Time

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The greatest, most tragic fallacy plaguing our modern mentality is that of our relationship with time. We abuse time, like a teenager exploiting a parent in ignorance, unaware that we are even doing it. Our most cherished resource is time. Money, love, and happiness come and go, but once a moment has passed, it is gone forever. To waste your time is to waste your life. “Memento mori” - Remember you will die

Our lives are finite. Every breath we take brings us closer to death. Society has us chasing the horizon, constantly goading us with promises of a better existence tomorrow. We believe we have the time to make our dreams reality. When does that moment become reality? Opportunities can pass us by in a heartbeat, never to be had again. The only moment that exists is NOW.

The multitasking phenomenon

As well as believing we have infinite time in the future, we believe we have more time in the present moment. Everyday, we are bombarded with more tasks that we could realistically accomplish in one day. Our modern solution? Use technological advancements to do MORE. Our attention is scattered, like an unfinished puzzle.
We check e-mails while driving to work and eating breakfast, schedule meetings while eating lunch, and talk to our friends with our heads buried in tablets and smartphones.

Ever notice how months can fall of a calendar, and though you are infinitely busy, you ask yourself "what have I been doing?" By trying to jam pack our days till its an overflowing cauldron of responsibility, we have diluted our human experience. We spend less time on doing the things that are actually important, and do more of what we think is important.

What is important?

This, my friend, is up to you. Let your core values guide your actions. We must use each moment to create our ideal reality, by manifesting our dreams into the real world via action. But how? Our time is already so limited – how can we possibly do more? I believe the answer lies in doing LESS. This, from the onset, sounds impossible, given the modern structure of society, and its expectations of its citizens. It is like we are trapped, drowning and gasping for time, dragged by the tick of a clock to the end of our lives. But there is hope. We can fulfill our true potential. There are ways to make this real.

Make the vision of your life a reality. This is how:

a) First, we must realize and come to terms with our dysfunctional relationship with time. We don't have as much time as we think, in a day, and in our lives.

b) Next, we must determine our core values. Who is the person you want to be? What are the fundamental principles that guide that persons actions? What does she do? What does he say? How does that person make others feel? Why do you what you do?

c) Determine your ideal day, and live it. What do you want out of life? Not superficially (cars, money, trips), but in your daily existence? In your perfect life, what do you want to be doing on a regular day? What does that FEEL like? Live it!

d) Elimination. Determine what is important, and those things that just have to go. Ask yourself: “What are the bare necessities? What makes me happy? Is this making my life better now? Will it in the future? Why am I doing what I am doing?”

e) Minimizing. The best way to accomplish many things is to do one thing at a time.

e) Schedule time for yourself. As much as you can spare. And not just to do things you have to do, but the things you want to do.

f) And last but not least, actually live within the moment. We are constantly living in the future and the past, racing to get somewhere, finishing off one thing to do another, all the while thinking about what we did, as opposed to experiencing what we are actually doing. I believe, for me, the only way to make this possible is to give myself the time to do it.

Hope is not lost. We have time. We have the NOW. It is the tool of reality, and it is in our hands. It is up to us to use it.

By Hal Kreisel

Hal is a kinesiologist, personal trainer, and martial artist from Victoria, BC. His mission is to help people help themselves.

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