Our Mission

GEM is an online magazine with the purpose of having a platform for the truth and a voice for the public. It contain articles that educate, inspire and provoke thought around aspects such as, self development, relationships, pursuing passions, politics and dealing with real life issues.

GEM aims to;

Raise awareness and resonate with readers through truth, honesty and vulnerability on subjects which affect our daily lives.

Give the public a place to speak their truth, going deeper than the surface level information which we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Help break down social constructs that no longer serve us.

Provide courage and strength to readers as they resonate with the content and help in facilitating healing.

Encourage vulnerability, allowing people to accept their true selves; light and dark, strengths and weaknesses #PerfectlyMe

Bridge the gap between the new and the old, and between real life and the ‘perfect snapshot’ life that is often portrayed on social media.

Provide an insight into different beliefs to prove that even though our preferences may differ, at the core, we are all the same.

Have leaders honestly share their success stories, provide insight of their struggles and give advice that can inspire and help those ready to make the next step in their lives.

Provide an open platform where we feel comfortable sharing our stories. To help us take ownership over the past, which has made us who we are today.

Help towards building a supporting and sustainable community.