My Heart Is With Thailand

by Ashleigh James / Jul 18, 2016 / Comments

Looking back, my last few days in Thailand are ones that I am proud of;

I channelled and proceeded to take another ground mission (as I've begun to call them).  

While I had an idea that it was going to happen, I had no clue what, or how it would materialize...

Full Moon               -    Check
My bleed time        -   Check
Summer solstice   -   Check

I had a gut feeling, a hunch... something big was going to happen in my life on June 20th.

It made me nervous.

I was already beginning to see and feel the corruption in Thailand; The use of foreigners and the Land's people's for monetary gain in Muay Thai, and the sexual/physical abuse of women and children.

This corruption had even started to infiltrate those with the biggest of hearts.

Thailand, this beautiful country with even more beautiful people was short on love and my heart struggled to cope with how that felt.

Instead of the Full Moon gathering I was intending to go to with new, beautiful friends, I was lead to the ocean where I decided to swim naked in the chemical laden lake, courtesy of the surrounding hotels. 

Saddened, I began to sing. As I sang, the waves grew momentum. My intention for the waves to connect to the lake to cleanse it.

A man nearby, grew anxious, alas, not with my nakedness, he was concerned that I wanted to bring a tsunami. I assured him I meant no harm.

I cleansed myself in the ocean, still not managing to rid myself of the general feeling of danger which had surrounded me since the night previous.

I got dressed, drew an A surrounded by a circle in the sand, lay my pillow down (yes I'd taken a pillow on this adventure) and began to meditate.

My 'protection' circle didn't work. I felt a presence to my left and saw a man going through my belongings. 

Instantly, on all fours, I roared at him. Not knowing at the time that he'd taken my phone, otherwise I would have gone after him.

I then became captivated by the mysterious lights and mist on a mountain side, over looking the dark sea below. Guided by my curiosity and the stray dogs I decided to walk barefoot up the road. 

Something was calling me.

When I arrived at the eerie summit I noticed the flood lights were no longer shining. There were goal posts in peculiar places, a field segregated by a concrete line and burnt out garbage disposals.

I placed down my towel to meditate, annoyed by the constant warning bark of a dog. 

After 5 minutes the police arrived, although not for me.

I explained to them that I was from the future, here to help bring back love. They seemed half amused and half bewildered, but there was something else too. Something they wouldn't tell me about their unexpected arrival.

The police offered me a ride to the station with the intention of taking me to the gym at 8am as I'd explained my feeling of being unsafe. 

I had two hours to spare so I drew a picture of the moon, how I see it with its beautiful aura, and a large orange star which my heart resonates with.

It was a strangely quiet morning. The longer I spent at the station, the weirder things got.

The guy in the super intendants office looked like a Tuk Tuk driver - no offence. He continuously smoked a cigarette and took down the Thai flag.

I was pissed off. I defiantly asked who he was and proceeded to raise the flag. This guy was a joke.

And the cleaners? They looked like drug addicts, placing rubbish around the station and feeding the plants Pepsi... messed up.

Three officers took me to the gym and left after speaking with a trainer. Another trainer arrived and I had the unsafe feeling return. I also had a strong feeling that small children were at risk and were being abused.

Off I took myself to my old gym to see two of the trainer's children who I love. They were at school, yet I knew that the little boy didn't go so I demanded they brought them back.

I even stood on the top of the water tower singing Ave Maria, disturbing order at the camp. 

I had no reasoning of why I wanted them back home with their parents but I trusted my gut.

Later, I returned to see if they were back and the little girl showed me a Youtube clip, a cartoon of a monster in disguise.

I could see and feel the demons, so could she.

I am a star seed. That means I have to deal with seeing demons in full form as everyday people (lower vibrational thought forms who don't wish for the planet to shift into a frequency of unconditional love.)

I wanted to clear all of it, all of the negative energy. I could feel it all, consuming me. I wanted to do a ritual.

I was adamant that I'd picked up an energetic implant (oppressive consciousness) and I wanted it gone!

Instead I found myself speaking with an amazingly strong woman who explained that her and the other girls at a massage parlour were being used to offer 'happy endings'. She had scars on her arms and as she smoked, she told me in broken English that her and her little boy were being abused.

She'd had enough. I cried for her.

I decided to sit with the business owner out front who was having dinner. I asked him to get the women and children to safety or I was calling the police.

He kept smiling.

I went to the nearest CCTV camera and explained the whole thing and asked for the police, hoping someone was listening.

The police came. I wasn't sure if it was because of me or for me (as I was making some noise). Regardless, I was happy as I described what I had learnt, using empathy to communicate fully. The owner was present too.

I explained how the women didn't have to perform sexual acts to make money. They only have to be good healers/therapists and then the fighters would go to them for recovery. I told them I could help. I wanted to help. Help facilitate in the healing of both men and women energetically and physically, in a professional nature.

We were there a while. Girls were being questioned but things weren't being taken seriously.

Let's say that's when I began to loose it.

The business owner got in my face. I warned the police that I didn't want to hurt anyone but I would if he didn't get out of my face. I was ignored so I punched him.

The police seemed amused.

Not long afterwards, an ambulance showed up for me and I was handcuffed. I might have screamed a bit but soon calmed down when I realized I felt safer in the ambulance.

I was taken to the police station but I still felt in danger so I asked that they take me to the hospital.

I had flashing lights and the lot!

I was drugged and tied to a table which had blood stains on, but hey ho, at least a sheet was placed on there. 

I was lucid and aware of everything. Even the time on the clock when I arrived; 2:06:57 am.

I wanted to speak with someone, explain to them why I was there. I did everything to get their attention as they weren't listening to my cries for help.

I untied myself. They tied me back on.

Eventually I decided to pee, on the table, to get them back in the room. 

All I wanted was a shower and to be heard.

From there, they began to listen and things got better.

I was placed on 3 different wards as they didn't know where to put me.

I wrote a note explaining what I was doing in Thailand, how to find my friends on Facebook, and that I was there to help but wanted to go back to England first. 

They helped me. 

I woke up in the afternoon to my friends at my side. My sister had also found me too, all the way from Australia. She knew something was wrong.

They next day, I payed my hospital fee, took 'my meds' for the flight and was on my way home to England with my angel friends from Thailand.

This was an intense experience but the police and hospital staff were warm hearted and caring when they understood me.

I'd felt a sense of community that I'd love to help build. 

I believe communication is and always will be more powerful in resolving a situation and getting results. That's why I'm disappointed that when I was backed into a corner, I resorted to violence.

Self protection, yes... yet I have a lot of reflection to do around this.

Same same, but different...

Ashleigh xo

*All events are true. Some situations, names and places have been omitted for personal reasons.

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