Mental Illness

Eric Mazimpaka - From Death To Destiny

by GEM Magazine / Sep 17, 2015 / Comments

The expectations which I'd placed upon myself were too much to live up to and the pressure left me broken. I decided it would be easier to create an escape route.

Carew Martin - Why I Don't Shun Anti-Depressants

by GEM Magazine / Aug 09, 2015 / Comments

I was raking leaves one day and it dawned on me how little I cared about what I was doing with my life. That feeling intensified until I simply put down the rake, walked inside and started to cry.

Danika Enad - I Am Enough

by GEM Magazine / Jul 28, 2015 / Comments

I can remember staring up at my ceiling begging to be taken away. Eventually I would fall asleep with tears on my cheek and wake up the same way. It was a life that had somehow stopped being worth living, but I was still there. I was still alive.

Padhia Avocado - Living Proof

by GEM Magazine / Jun 08, 2015 / Comments

Flash back to that scared little teenage kid alone in the doctor’s office for the very first time being told they have a chemical imbalance. A brain that can’t regulate itself, it just doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. I inherited my mother’s defective genetics.