Lucas Jones - Dancing With The Devil

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I was a bad kid growing up and had a pretty rough childhood. I have done some terrible things but have also experienced my fair share of problems too; I've stolen cars, robbed people, been robbed myself, sold drugs, been duck taped up and had a gun to my head. I was on a really bad path and didn't get my act together until I was 23.

When I hit 23, I decided I was going to make up for my past and work on being a good guy. But time after time, I would have the worst luck. I'd tell my friends stories of the things that happen to me and their eyes would get wider with disbelief. Karma was paying me back for being a terrible person.

An example of this was during my modelling career. I had a blast doing runway, photo shoots and even wining competitions. I had opportunities pouring in and thought I had finally been given my break. But I was wrong.

I received an offer to model for billboard advertisements in Vancouver and I was stoked. The week before the big shoot, my girlfriend at the time accused me of hitting on other girls on Facebook. As I went to console her with a hug (probably not a good idea on reflection), she attacked me and I was left with four bloody claw marks down my face. Not the kind of billboard look they were going for, you could say.

Every time I would climb up a ladder, I was jumping on a snake and coming right back down

The setbacks in my life have definitely been with drugs and alcohol. They have been my downfall and the reason for my destructive behaviour.

For a while I had no drive because I would escape by smoking too much weed. I was even struggling with memory loss. I was wasting my life, watching others around me chase their dreams and knowing that I had all this drive inside that I was doing nothing with. So I decided to quitting smoking pot and drinking and start taking my career seriously. And for that, I need a clear mind.

My eyes are open and I'm finally stepping towards who I want to be.

It took a three day bender to kick my ass into gear. I woke up and knew I had to get myself out of the situation I kept finding myself in. So I took off to a friends for a week to reassess my life. I went on shut down; no work, no acting, switched my phone off and went on a mission to help myself.

I had to distance myself from the life I was living in order for me to make any permanent change. I have been to rehab before so I know the steps towards breaking any addictive behaviour. It's not easy and I realize the path ahead will come with some lows but I'm committed to seeing it through.

Yes, I may relapse in the future but I have had a turning point in my life and I'm ready to put some real work in. I'm looking forward to the adventure I have ahead of me.

That's where acting comes in. I used to try and force everything, especially relationships and jobs, but acting is my passion. Stepping into a role is like stepping into someone else's life or another world. There is no other feeling quite like it.

Acting is so therapeutic. Often the classes require you to go back to a time in your childhood and I've found it brings up a lot of repressed emotions. It goes beyond helping you becoming a character, it helps you face old wounds.

You can choose the roles you want to play for a part or person you'd like to portray.

Right now, my future is looking bright, but it wasn't just a few months ago.

We have to decide to make a change and realize that most people on this earth don't really know what they're doing and we're all just trying to find our own way.

For me, I've found the trick is to;

Fake it until you make it. Keep trying and pushing forward until you make breakthroughs.

Move on to something better if your current life is getting you down or stressing you out.

Have no expectations when it comes to people - If someone says there going to help me, I don't expect them to show up because I've been let down so many times. If they do then it's like getting a present on Christmas Day!

Leave behind the people who affect you negatively because if not, they will hold you back. Remember that you are who you hang out with so be careful of your social group.

We are only here for a limited amount of time, why are we focusing on the negatives or living lives that we don't enjoy? We should be out there making something of ourselves and doing the things we love to do. The world would be a happier and more creative place.

Interviewed by Ashleigh James.

Lucas is a foreman for a construction company and aspiring actor who prides himself on being a supporting guy who wants to see others succeed in life. He believes that giving and helping others is the way forward.

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