Losing an Election and Gaining a City

by Ryan Moen / Mar 31, 2015 / Comments

The most important part of any successful campaign is the thank you speech. I believed that I was the only riled up individual who'd had enough of the direction the city was heading. But as it turns out, I couldn't be more wrong.

Just because I was my own campaign manager, it didn't mean that 'Ryan Moen' on the ballot was a single person. The amount of love that I received from this city, and the amount of help from family, old friends, new friends and strangers - that was my victory.

I was lucky enough to meet more amazing individuals in my short campaign than if I had lived ten lifetimes here minding my own business. They were out there already working tirelessly on Victoria's needs. From homelessness, cycling and sewage treatment to community engagement. In my mind, the city had transformed from a misconception full of problems to a city full of solutions.

If I had questions they had answers.

It was easy to learn where and how to ask questions. It was a challenge to learn to ask for help. Although I didn't have a formal campaign team, it was a collaboration of edits, designs, and how-to's from my community that carried me through. I needed all the help I could get. When I was done - exhausted, tired and ready to throw in the towel, it was my community that kept me going.

Running a no budget campaign, I was hat in hand and yet I felt no shame. I had never been so proud. I was able to thank those who had helped me by being their voice.

Spoiler alert - I didn't get on council. But thanks to all the support I have received, and amazing connections I've made, I'm still able to be that voice.

Our City, Our voice, Our Victoria

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Ryan Moen


Ryan Moen is one of Victoria's passionate Community Advocates. With a career in healthcare, he sees that health goes far beyond calories earned and burned. He believes health comes from the balance of all the interactions in our day to day lives. Empowering people to ask questions, helping find answers, and connecting different individuals thorough common causes, Ryan hopes to see his city grow stronger, together as a community.

Recognizing there was a role to be filled for public engagement, he has been involved in some of Victoria's newest community start up projects. Attending Mayoral open door sessions, Council meetings, neighbourhood association monthly's, webinars, seminars… all to stay informed. Provinding you with the power to shape your city.