Local Business

Shatterbox - Beyond The Cup

by Ryan Moen / Apr 16, 2015 / Comments

Now it's no easy task running a small business in this town, but the folks over at Shatterbox coffee have been boldly doing it right for sometime now. Even as one of the new kids on the coffee scene, it is the intention put into the design of the business that makes Shatterbox a community success.

Where Does Your Sidewalk Walk?

by GEM Magazine / Mar 18, 2015 / Comments

So you have a dream and you plan it perfectly, losing blood, sweat, dollar bills and sleep to the ultimate destiny, and then it trips you on the sidewalk in front of that cutie - humbling yet entertaining. Well let me tell you about my sidewalk so far. It's pretty full of people, however I get to choose the direction myself. Sometimes I get swayed by shiny store windows or cute boys with beards and go a little off-track, but then a roadblock or stop-light snaps me back.