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I've always been an artist, I was born an artist. I grew up in a household that breathed inspiration; walls adorned with my Dad's artwork and my Mother's vibrant gardens. I was fortunate to be exposed to this creative flow of energy and possibility at such a young age.

My Mom would bring home rolls of paper from the print shop and lay them over the floors and walls, creating a canvas to allow me to crawl, paint and draw. It kept me occupied for hours and was my first tactile experience as an artist.

After travelling to London and Maui in 2006, I was compelled to live my passion; to create and communicate through the language of art. I realized if someone else could do it then so could I. When I have a vision in my mind, I stop at nothing to achieve it, so six months later I held my first art show called 'Urban Pop, Rhythmic Vibrations of Sound and Colour.'

"If not you, who? If not now, when?"

I didn't attend art school in the typical sense. It was flight school that taught me about perspective, tenacity, decision making and how to be a pilot in command. You see, I believe that everything is interconnected in the great tapestry of life; we are multidisciplinary magicians, drawing upon the threads of our existence to weave together into one. Therefore the two paths heavily influence each other.

My style today, is different from what it was yesterday and is unknown for what it will be tomorrow. There is a multitude of factors that determine my day-to-day style. It depends on; how I feel, the time of day, what I ate for breakfast, the mediums available, the music I listen to and the weather outside. I prefer not to limit myself to the constraints of a particular style but rather to allow each piece of art to speak a style of its own.

Curiosity keeps my inspiration alive. All that I don't know and the inquiry of what lies ahead. I just wake up in the morning and greet the day anew, see where the creative winds take me.

I believe everyone is an artist, or at least holds the potential. It is only a matter of time before we discover this to be true. An artist is someone who creates their own language, message, meaning or identity through their own form. This form of expression can be seen in poetry, dancing, painting, singing… the possibilities are endless. Essentially, an artist is someone who can see anything and everything as art.

I had a hard time in school academically. I didn't see the point of everyone having the same education when we are all individuals. The education system kills creativity. We need to build entrepreneurs, not employees and have lifestyles, not careers.

We live in a fear-based society. If you don't get a good education and a secure job, what will you amount to? I chose not to buy into that. Maybe I had a bit of a rebel in me, refusing to let my spirit be defeated by fear. I believe fear is a choice. When we enter into the unknown we can choose to be fearful or we can choose to be mesmerized by the mystery that lies before us.

You have to let go of control. I thrive off not knowing how a painting or project is going to come together, open to possibility and transformation along the way. We must see life in this same way too… let go and enjoy the journey.

By Lucas J Copplestone.

LJC Art's newest spoken word - Life's Mix;

"It's amazing the success can you receive when you don't care who gets the credit.
Jealousy is a weak emotion, don't let it.
Cash in on your emotional visa, mastercard or debit,
You've got to live as you wish and never regret it.
Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination,
Finding yourselves from within, not a geographical location.
And don't should on me and I won't should on you,
but we all should do what makes us feel good, you see.
You're born an original, so don't die a copy.
Don't try to stop me, we're ostentatious and cocky but we do it properly.
The system's killing creativity and it's a robbery,
They chance on our future like a lottery.
We need to build entrepreneurs, not poverty.
This soft power has always been a part of me,
This music, these paintings… it's artistry."

LJC is an artist, pilot, designer, creative director, DJ, lyricist and screen printer. An adventurer with a passion for life and everything in it. He loves riding his beach cruiser & paddling boarding around his home town of Sidney by the sea. LJC is also co creator of The Get Fresh Guide; encouraging a local and organic lifestyle.

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