Life Journey

Mom and Grandma… I Forgive You

by GEM Magazine / May 18, 2015 / Comments

'I forgive you' are three simple words, yet they carry so much weight. Please do not confuse my forgiveness with me condoning your behaviour because I don’t. I am forgiving you because quite frankly, your problems are not mine to live with. By doing this I am setting myself free.

Identify Yourself - Proud To Be Gay

by GEM Magazine / May 15, 2015 / Comments

Coming out was easy, the hardest part was figuring it out. So hard, in fact, that it took me thirty years. And to think that I believed I knew who I was all that time only to be proved wrong? Unsettling is an understatement.

Against The Odds - Successful, Single, Teenage Mom

by GEM Magazine / May 01, 2015 / Comments

It felt as though no one wanted to talk about this baby growing inside of me. I woke up most mornings to new statistics on my bedroom door, taped their by my Mother about teenage Moms. Not favourable statistics – how they never graduate, they end up living on welfare and have more babies.

Tough Life

by GEM Magazine / Mar 29, 2014 / Comments

I have been drowning. I have been at what felt like the bottom of a thousand seas in that dark alone place where it seems that the light of day will never touch your face again.