Letter To My Younger Self

by GEM Magazine / May 13, 2015 / Comments

Dear Amani,

Don't cry so much in private because you're such a nerd and outcast. You're always going to be a nerd, you just won't feel inadequate about it.

The same people that make fun of your body will call you for advice about loving their bodies and how to stay fit. Oh and they love big butts now. It's no longer "too big." But remember, it's not about what's 'in', it's about loving what you are born with.

You shouldn't straighten your hair to try and fit in, your hair is beautiful left as it is.

Don't worry about what people say all the time and stop trying to please everyone constantly at the cost of your own happiness and health.

Even when everyone starts calling you BEAUTIFUL, you won't feel that way until you truly fall in love with yourself and accept that you are unique and were born this way for a reason.

Ah younger me. You'll learn how to mingle with people but you're still going to be 49% introvert. Oh and not being asked out on dates or having any boy love you… don't worry, you're going to find one heck of a guy and he will love you for all you are and all you're going to be.

You're worth a lot more than what you're settling for. You will be just fine so keep your head up, take care of yourself and stop crying secretly. Everything will be fine, I promise.

I love you.

Love from… older, wiser and more experienced You.

By Amani Zein

Amani is a Mom, an up and coming leader in the Network Marketing industry and public speaker. She is passionate about helping women learn how to love themselves again.

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