Kressa Sisu

Is Your Love Tank Full?

by Kressa Sisu / Jul 04, 2015 / Comments

There's a lot of confusion in relationships, as how we express love is different for each individual. One person can be expressing their language of love and expect the other person to feel loved and content, but if it's in a way that your partner doesn’t understand, they won’t realize you’ve expressed love at all.

A Lesson In Gratitude From Africa

by Kressa Sisu / Jun 18, 2015 / Comments

Humans have a natural tendency to gloss over the ordinary and go straight to the thing that they are lacking or brings them frustrating. It takes away the happiness and satisfaction that we could be feeling. The more we focus on what isn’t working the less we can see what is working.

How To Stop Scaring Yourself and Attract Positivity Into Your Life

by Kressa Sisu / May 28, 2015 / Comments

I was in a major transition a few years ago and had lots of challenging events happening all at once. The outcomes I was expecting didn’t pan out. My stability and groundedness were severely challenged. My ego/mind was extremely active, going into all the “what ifs”. I wasn't very happy about having to face a “void” and not knowing my next step.

Major change like this can be very scary and I was certainly feeling this anxiety in every part of my body.

Then one morning I woke up to this thought and it was very loud:

“You are scaring yourself”.

Three Steps To Change The Aging Process

by Kressa Sisu / May 05, 2015 / Comments

How do you feel about aging? What is your language around it? I hear the "Boomer Brain" everywhere, along with the negative stories we tell ourselves about aging that then become a self fulfilling prophecy. We use age as a limiting factor. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and clean up your consciousness.