Julie French - Defeating Our Unhealthy Relationship With Food

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I was young and impressionable when I first started in the fitness industry, so naturally I found myself caught up in the fitness modeling side of it all. I would catch myself looking at those fitness magazines with all the ripped (dehydrated, photoshopped and malnourished) models and dream about one day making it on one of the front covers.

To me, they looked so healthy. They all have six-packs and are extremely lean. At that time I believed that being healthy was in how you looked. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I would miss family events because I could not take off a scheduled day at the gym. I would eat the same boring meal every day of the week! I would eat chicken, broccoli and yams every day because it was “whole foods… right??”

The meals that I consumed were not providing my body with a wide range of phytonutrients and varied amino acids. That, along with the synthetic supplements I was taking, basically malnourishing my body. And at the same time I believed I was becoming healthier.

I could finally see my abs! Unfortunately, my stomach was also bloated because my digestion was all out of whack. I was not absorbing foods properly, and feeling so ill and swollen. I did not realize how acidic I was, and how that toxic mindset had made me a very unhealthy person.

A few years ago, I met a new group of people in the fitness industry and my whole mindset towards health and fitness shifted.

I found myself in a lot more health food stores and a lot less of the typical supplement stores. I was slowly making the transition to true health, healing my gut and nourishing my body properly.

I realized that health can be related to getting your first pair of eyeglasses. You do not know how bad your eyesight is until you put on those glasses and have this beautiful, vivid vision. You find yourself saying; “Wow… is this what it's supposed to be like?”

Health is the same way. You do not know how unhealthy you are until you BECOME healthy!

I keep my body nourished with various natural, whole foods. I now take Greens which have increased my digestion and helped me to realize that it is less of “you are what you eat” and more "you are what you absorb.” It's almost as if I can feel each and every cell becoming more alive and nourished.

"Happy healthy cells is a happy healthy you!"

I started to take fish oils, which have helped with my mental focus and clarity. I have always had ADHD and found it difficult to concentrate at times. The smallest things would distract me, but now the Omega 3's provide me with the ability to focus better.

"I can relate to the dog from Up… SQUIRREL"

Being an athlete, I still take protein shakes. Previously I did not know it was possible to find a protein that didn't make me bloat until I was introduced to a fermented vegan protein. I can now provide my body with the nutrients it needs without it affecting how I feel or look.

My performance has improved, I no longer feel sluggish, and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of people who I've had the same feedback from following this advice.

I have realized that;
- Health is all about how we FEEL.
- Alkalinity and digestion play a big aspect in reaching optimal health.
- Enjoying life is more important than letting your appearance rule your life. It can become a never ending hamster wheel where you're never satisfied with how you look.
- When we eat certain foods/diets just lose weight or gain muscle, it can create a toxic relationship with food.
- Food is Mother Natures gift to nourish every cell in our body.

We need to listen to our bodies and our gut, stop listening to the ads and instead feed ourselves some love!

By Julie French

Photography credit - Sterling Legacy Art

Julie is a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach with a personal mission is to empower others to independently make positive choices to enrich their health. Through education, and focusing on physical, mental and spiritual well-being, she assists her clients in manifesting an eternally fulfilling lifestyle.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JulieFrenchHolisticFitness
Instagram - jfholisticfitness
Email - info@jfhf.ca

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