How To Stop Scaring Yourself and Attract Positivity Into Your Life

by Kressa Sisu / May 28, 2015 / Comments

I was in a major transition a few years ago and had lots of challenging events happening all at once. The outcomes I was expecting didn’t pan out. My stability and groundedness were severely challenged. My ego/mind was extremely active, going into all the “what ifs”. I wasn't very happy about having to face a “void” and not knowing my next step.

Major change like this can be very scary and I was certainly feeling this anxiety in every part of my body.

Then one morning I woke up to this thought and it was very loud:

“You are scaring yourself”.

I started to laugh, because that is exactly what I was doing, scaring the heck out of myself with all these challenging thoughts about not having the stability that I had counted on.

Thoughts = how you feel = what shows up in your life!

Our thoughts are like seeds that we plant in our mind. They can grow into beautiful things or create disaster for us. It’s not actually the thoughts that generate what we attract, but rather the feelings the thoughts create.

If you plant corn, you get corn. If you plant thistles, you get thistles.

For example; If you think positively then you feel happy and allow for good to show up in your life. If you think negative thoughts, you often feel pretty crappy and that is usually when bad shows up.

It's a simple recipe for an easy life, but not always as easy to tame the “monkey mind”.

We need to be careful about what we are thinking because it creates the landscape we live in. So when a major event happens to us that shakes the ground we walk on, we need to stop the scary thoughts and create thoughts that help to calm us down. In my case I quickly changed the dialogue to; “I didn’t get what I had expected, but that must mean something better is down the road and all will work out as it always does. I haven’t ended up as a “bag lady” yet, so something is going right”.

When you put emphasis on all the positives, change your inner dialogue and be grateful for what you already have, the body starts to relax and clam down.

The next time you go through a challenging experience, ask yourself;

What type of thoughts are running through my mind?

Are they planting seeds for good to show up or adding more stress to my life?

How are those thoughts making me feel?

What could I create I really focus on life enhancing thoughts?

Most experiences are never as bad as you think them to be.

Stop Scaring yourself!

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