How to Stop Bill C-51

by Ryan Moen / Mar 17, 2015 / Comments

It was "nice" to see the crowds out in protest of Bill C-51. Thats the same "nice" one would describe a horribly undatable friend. So lets rephrase that opener to "It was nice, BUT" - as in how did it all even get that far for people to take to the streets. Where did the democratic process fail? Who's to blame?

Harper's to blame, right!... Right?… Well wait a hot minute, who hired this guy anyways? Oh snap, you did. And every nickel and dime of your tax dollar's going into funding the whole show.

So where is the personal responsibility? (Thats not rhetorical). Voters get involved more on average with their TV shows (sports included) than politics. Do you know who the charters are that make the changes that affect your life and future? When was the last time you voiced your concerns through your representative?

Voting every four years isn't enough. Sorry, you need to do better, so that your politicians can be better.

A little background on the political movers and shakers, they are not clairvoyants. Nor experts in every field. They rely on public input to make decisions. Only you are an expert on your needs. Granted, with most of us so busy in our day to day, we send/vote a few neighbours (politicians) to voice those needs. It's together that we are a nation. Our cooperation within the nation is our government. Never forget your voice is just as great as any.

Ask questions. Get answers.

I get it, politicians aren't perfect. Some are in fact very good at being imperfect. So where do these "snakes" come from? Perhaps it's just the natural order of things for the weak (current) system to be preyed on by the opportunist (some selfish politicians and the few greedy corps). It's also a matter of politics/policy/Bills being written by and for the squeaky wheels. The people who make the most noise. People who maybe don't always make the most logical sense. Some of those people who are down right scary. But when they are the only ones talking to our representatives, who are those politicians to ignore the public they serve.

I will never forget when my grade six teacher wrote on the chalk board "ASSUME - it makes and ASS out of U and ME." Swearing in class, wowsers! Critical thinking 101, double wowsers! Your silence wrote Bill C-51. Assuming that "the government " will most likely act in your personal best interest has its dangers.

Don't get me wrong, I was jazzed to see all those people bringing awareness to the dangers of Bill C-51, but for example, if the power went out in your house, you wouldn't go to the window and start screaming and shouting, you'd call the power company. Make sure you have utilized the democratic line of communication to voice change on Bill C-51.
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Ryan Moen is one of Victoria's passionate Community Advocates. With a career in healthcare, he sees that health goes far beyond calories earned and burned. He believes health comes from the balance of all the interactions in our day to day lives. Empowering people to ask questions, helping find answers, and connecting different individuals thorough common causes, Ryan hopes to see his city grow stronger, together as a community.

Recognizing there was a role to be filled for public engagement, he has been involved in some of Victoria's newest community start up projects. Attending Mayoral open door sessions, Council meetings, neighbourhood association monthly's, webinars, seminars… all to stay informed. Provinding you with the power to shape your city.