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Our life is not much different from a bike ride; we cannot stay balanced unless we are moving, and we cannot move unless we pedal. In short, if we want to reach our goals we must continue to pedal forward.

My grandfather, an avid biker, passed this saying on to me: “Never lose balance, just pedal forward”.

Growing up in North India, I had a typical Indian childhood; A very closely knit family, playing cricket on the streets, running around in the scorching sun and striving to score high marks as a student. After a rather bumpy ride through school and struggling to score those high marks, I barely managed to get into the Engineering College at Punjab Technical University. Four years later, I was an Engineer in the “thrilling” world of blade manufacturing.

My life went on through several twists and turns, leading me to move to Canada and pursue my MBA at the University of British Columbia.  From the moment I decided to move, I had my share of challenges and setbacks - and there were many times this exciting ride almost came to a screeching halt.  The seemingly uphill climb of preparing for university entrance exams, applying for student loans, and even getting my visa application rejected, continued as I started looking for work.  I had to go through hundreds of job applications, learn to interview, network, and even learn to speak English properly so I could have a conversation.  

The part of the ride, after I moved to Canada, proved to be a wild rollercoaster with the lowest point being the summer of 2013. I was having an extremely hard time finding work and I almost gave up. I asked myself: "Will things ever work out?" and "Will I ever be able to accomplish what I moved to Canada to do?" I doubted myself and yes, I stopped pedalling.

What helped me pass through the storm was Grandfather’s message, “Never lose balance, just pedal forward”.

Today I feel blessed to be living the life I had always dreamed. I am pursuing my goal of helping people and companies produce legendary results in what they do, as a Business Consultant and Professional Speaker.  

Every day when I feel I've made a positive impact on somebody's life, I sleep well.

Seeing the transformation of the individuals and companies with whom I work, is a constant inspiration to me.  I have also been through a massive transformation.  I went from being a very average kid, an average sportsman, and an average engineer to being someone who is a positive force and is bringing excellence to the business world.  My transformation was possible because of the people who helped, supported and believed in me.  People who worked with me to expand my limits and inspired me to keep pedaling forward.

Therefore, as I move forward on my ride, I yearn to build further on my goals. To continue helping others, to expand and diversify as a Business Consultant, and spread the message of self-leadership, business excellence and effective communication as a speaker.  

What I do means so much more than a career to me, it is more than just a way of making a livelihood, it is my oxygen and I am very grateful.

My advice to you would be;
When it looks hard, pedal forward.  When it looks impossible, pedal forward.  When nothing seems to be going right, pedal forward.

It is often very easy to give up and tempting to accept the present as the future leading you to lose hope, but we must continue to ‘Pedal Forward’.

Himanshu is a Business Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and a Professional Speaker. He works as a Consultant with Fraser Health, and is the founder of GoGreenChandigarh – an award winning Non-profit with operations in Asia. Himanshu has been a guest speaker at various events in Canada, India and Singapore, and was recently judged as one of the best speakers in Canada by Toastmasters International.

Connect with Himanshu;
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/IAmHimanshuNarang
LinkedIn - ca.linkedin.com/in/himanshunarang/

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