Hidden Gems

Recognizing inspirational leaders and business owners in the community who contribute towards creating a better society

Ferzana Awan-Davis - Tawazaan

by GEM Magazine / Aug 03, 2016
I feel like I've always been fighting for my place. I didn't feel or see things the way others did. I was different. It made me a target.

Don Goodeve - Living From Power Coaching

by GEM Magazine / Sep 26, 2015
Looking fear square in the face, I do not need to be afraid of it anymore. It doesn’t exist. There is far more life available outside of that story we create than within.

Izzy Shafey - Zenthai Shiatsu

by GEM Magazine / Jul 09, 2015
I grew up in destitute areas in and surrounding Toronto which were quite oppressive. There weren't many positive opportunities for the youth available and the potential to follow a very destructive

Yew Tree Yoga - Sam Goski

by GEM Magazine / Jun 13, 2015
I had been thinking for a while about how to incorporate my physiotherapy skills into a different career. Pivotal events in my life seemed to lead me deeper into the practice of yoga