Get Real

Lucas Jones - Dancing With The Devil

by GEM Magazine / May 27, 2015 / Comments

For a while I had no drive because I would escape by smoking too much weed. I was even struggling with memory loss. I was wasting my life, watching others around me chase their dreams and knowing that I had all this drive inside that I was doing nothing with.

To The Abused Child

by GEM Magazine / May 20, 2015 / Comments

I apologize for beating you with my fists and feet when you were small and vulnerable. I simply couldn’t see you, laying there in a pool of blood and sorrow. Blinded my own repressed rage, I saw an easy mark for my aggression. I saw a new host for my pain. I now understand that my abusiveness was a smokescreen for my own woundedness.

Mom and Grandma… I Forgive You

by GEM Magazine / May 18, 2015 / Comments

'I forgive you' are three simple words, yet they carry so much weight. Please do not confuse my forgiveness with me condoning your behaviour because I don’t. I am forgiving you because quite frankly, your problems are not mine to live with. By doing this I am setting myself free.

Identify Yourself - Proud To Be Gay

by GEM Magazine / May 15, 2015 / Comments

Coming out was easy, the hardest part was figuring it out. So hard, in fact, that it took me thirty years. And to think that I believed I knew who I was all that time only to be proved wrong? Unsettling is an understatement.

Against The Odds - Successful, Single, Teenage Mom

by GEM Magazine / May 01, 2015 / Comments

It felt as though no one wanted to talk about this baby growing inside of me. I woke up most mornings to new statistics on my bedroom door, taped their by my Mother about teenage Moms. Not favourable statistics – how they never graduate, they end up living on welfare and have more babies.

The Pieces Of Me

by GEM Magazine / Apr 21, 2015 / Comments

When I box, the little girl in me comes out. The child who radiated light, gave love and who cared but could not protect herself against the babysitter, the mother’s boyfriend or the family member. When I am gloved, she takes those moments, punching to fight back and gain control of her situation.

Honest To The Core - Cerebral Palsy

by GEM Magazine / Apr 18, 2015 / Comments

When we see a person with a disability, we are curious... what is it like to be them? They seem different. We may ​want ​to know, but at the same time we can feel ​afraid ​to know.

Is Being 'Too Intense' A Bad Thing?

by Paloma Vita / Apr 17, 2015 / Comments

If there’s something I've heard over and over in my life, it’s; “You’re too intense!” So after having been told this for the millionth time, I thought: “Intense! Hmm... What do they really mean by that anyway?” What is the true meaning of “intense,” I ask?

Fibromyalgia - It's Just A Part Of Me.

by GEM Magazine / Apr 04, 2015 / Comments

I noticed I hadn’t felt ‘well’ for some time. I was physically and emotionally drained. After several visits to my GP, I was given my diagnosis. Fibromyalgia. Sorry, Fibro-what?!

'You're Not THAT Big'

by GEM Magazine / Mar 31, 2015 / Comments

Big boned, overweight, heavy, large, fat. Let’s call it what it is … I’ve heard it. I actually haven’t decided which is worse to me, those words or when someone tells you, 'you're not THAT big.' Please don’t try to spare my feelings.