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The Magic Of Synchronicity

by GEM Magazine / Jul 07, 2015 / Comments

Each field of meaning has a particular vibration to it, and objects, individuals, emotions, symbols, dreams, and events that share this vibration may resonate with one another and then, as a result, co-occur in time and space. If so, this may be what causes a synchronicity.

Identify Yourself – You Are Not a Sum of Your Parts

by GEM Magazine / Jun 30, 2015 / Comments

A world where everyone will be allowed to embrace both the masculine and feminine within them, regardless of what they look like. A world where everyone is allowed to just be themselves. That’s the world I want to live in.

Marianne Wright - When Life Gives You Cancer...

by GEM Magazine / Jun 25, 2015 / Comments

At times, I was so low I believed that the entire purpose of my existence had been to simply get cancer and die. I certainly hadn’t prepared myself for 'The Aftermath', a period of depression which mainly revolved around my chosen career path.

Apologies To The Feminine - From A Warrior In Transition

by GEM Magazine / Jun 24, 2015 / Comments

I want to want you not because it gratifies my ego, not because you are outwardly beautiful, but because your very presence invites my true self out of hiding. I want to touch you with my heart on my sleeve, to know chemistry between us that is not gender identified, but that is essence sourced.

Julie French - Defeating Our Unhealthy Relationship With Food

by GEM Magazine / Jun 20, 2015 / Comments

I would catch myself looking at those fitness magazines with all the ripped (dehydrated, photoshopped and malnourished) models and dream about one day making it on one of the front cover.

Yana Hempler - Overcoming the Bullies

by GEM Magazine / Jun 12, 2015 / Comments

I would often go to the weight room or the track at lunch time and after school to avoid being that "lone" girl that everyone picked on at lunch and on the bus. This time was also a way for me to focus on my goals when things were getting tough. And believe me, they were tough.

Padhia Avocado - Living Proof

by GEM Magazine / Jun 08, 2015 / Comments

Flash back to that scared little teenage kid alone in the doctor’s office for the very first time being told they have a chemical imbalance. A brain that can’t regulate itself, it just doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. I inherited my mother’s defective genetics.

Addiction - A Unique Perspective

by GEM Magazine / Jun 04, 2015 / Comments

From alcoholics to smokers, and gamblers to sex addicts. They all share one thing in common - they are using (or abusing) their chosen addictive behaviours in order to repress or distract themselves from feeling painful emotions.

Apologies To The Modern Man

by GEM Magazine / Jun 02, 2015 / Comments

There has been so much blame between us, so much hatred and name-calling. Each gender suffering in its own way. To the extent that one gender was denied wholeness, the other was denied it as well. Women were denied the right to basic protections and pathways of expression, men were denied access to a tender, receptive way of being. No one got off easy, despite appearances.

Adam Pownall - When Life Went Limp

by GEM Magazine / May 30, 2015 / Comments

In a panic, my mind quickly fabricated the notion that I wasn’t going into theatre and I was actually going to die. Why else would they all look so worried? They had made up the story so I didn’t worry, but now I knew. I had caught on to their trick.