Gavin Henderson-Peal - The Rise After The Fall

by GEM Magazine / Apr 23, 2015 / Comments

Life is a roller coaster when you work for yourself and being an entrepreneur isn't the easiest of routes. I've had people say to me, "Why don't you just take that job you were offered? You'd earn $80,000 a year!" In the back of your mind, you see the logic behind it, but for me it never resonated within. I wouldn't be happy.

When you are an employee, you only make what you earn. And previously being an employee, I know that in sales you are responsible for networking and marketing yourself. From my 15 years experience in personal training, I learnt that if you can't sell a session based on your personality and what sets you apart, then you aren't going to be successful.

As a business consultant, I love to see others succeed in their own ventures. I become personally invested when mentoring and coaching business owners or interns. Often these working relationships last years and when we meet, we get to tweak each others brains. And although some may be ten years my junior, I'm grateful to learn from their experiences which are different to my own.

My main driving force is to provide for my family and prove to my Mom (my guardian angel) that the career route I chose is the successful path. But the passion I have for helping others succeed in business comes from my own struggles.

A deathly allergic reaction left me fighting for my life in the hospital and it was the perfect storm. I lost everything. My growing business, my commercial properties and all that I'd worked hard to build... gone. However, I never turned around and said 'poor me.' As soon as I could walk and talk without having to take a break, I was back out there. I had lost my top hat and my shirt but they didn't take my tie!

It's just the way of life. You get knocked down and you have to get back up if you want to succeed. Life is testing you to see how strong you are and if you can't get back into the game, then maybe that path just wasn't meant for you.

"Life is a mathematical equation, you will always be adding and subtracting, looking for the answers."

You must have faith and keep moving through difficult times. When you are faced with a wall, step back instead of running at it repeatedly. Stop, breathe, reassess the situation and ask yourself 'how can I get through this?'

Here are a few valuable business lessons I have learnt over the years;

- If you want to start your own business then you need to get out there and learn as you go. I am one course away from entering into an executive MBA but I don't know what I would gain from continuing on with the program other than the 'title'. A university degree is fantastic to give you the knowledge but the true value is putting that information into practice and gaining experience.

- Business is business, you should never take it personally.

- Unless someone can show you a better way, stay on your path. You'll never be able to tell someone they are wrong as they have their own opinions/beliefs, but you can show them another way.

- Listen to yourself. Take advice from others but don't let it change your core values. Following the crowd may take you down the long road and waste your time and energy.

Interviewed by Ashleigh James

Gavin has a love for business and a passion for motivating others and sharing his knowledge. With a strong scholastic background in business and fitness, Gavin has partnered or been a part of over 12 business/project start-ups and restructuring.

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