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I feel like I've always been fighting for my place. I didn't feel or see things the way others did. I was different. It made me a target.

I had struggles with school. I told them I was unique. The kids thought I was weird and girls didn't like me because of how I looked.

I was bullied to the point of court hearings.

I am a female, Pakistani, Muslim who resists conforming to cultural, religious and gender expectations.

I never wanted a pre-destined life. I wanted to create my own world, free of the boxes.

I want to be free to be myself.

I've had little self love, which attracted partners who made me feel worthless. I found life difficult. My relationships with the masculine and feminine were jaded.

I was sectioned and stigmatized by the mental health system, who continually fail us all spiritually.

I was weak and ashamed, yet I had this ember burning within. I could help change my story. I could rise up against cultural ideologies as a powerful women in a society of conflicting role models.

My passion is to create and inspire. I love to empower others in authenticity and innate beauty by offering services that exceed the challenges we face.

I am driven to change, driven to make the world a better place by using my natural skills and abilities to help build community.

I am a conscious entrepreneur.

I still struggle with depression and low self esteem, yet I am learning how to believe in myself, it keeps me going. Especially through times when I get sick from the over-exhaustion and stress of continually pushing myself past my limits.

I find the strength within, as the universe never gives out more than we can handle.

I believe what's meant to be will be. Everything is laid out to an extent, and then it comes down to how much we can live in the 'now' moments.

My advice is never give up. Always keep your dreams alive, no matter how distant they seem. One day you'll wake up closer than you'd ever imagined.

Only you can discover your true purpose...

Express your innate gifts out into the world.

Edited by Ashleigh James.

Ferzana is an inspired creative, avid traveller and mother of two high spirited children. Ferzana has spent many years travelling to exotic locations fuelled by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of travel and adventure. Fusing these passions and her own personal journey of rediscovering herself and finding that time to really take care of her authentic self, Tawazaan was created to imbibe a sense of balance in the chaotic world we find ourselves.


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Tawazaan

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