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As a small town girl with big ideas and aspirations, I quickly found my creativity restricted within the small sanctions of my interior town. To get out of my rut, I packed my bag, hopped in my car and ventured off to see what else was out there for me.

I dropped out of high school and hit the workfield at a young age. I always found myself to be a bit of a hustler, so when I dated a guy who owned a graphic design/print shop, it sparked my entrepreneurial fire.

I'd get him to make fashion forward t-shirts for me and my girlfriend to wear while we knocked back drinks at the local brewery. Although I’m sure he was mainly doing his duty as my boyfriend, he suggested I try my hand at making and selling them to the public.

What a great idea! If I thought my t-shirts were cool and HE thought my t-shirts were cool, EVERYONE would think my t-shirts were cool. I could get rich and famous by making t-shirts.

In my mind, I could see myself getting rich and famous.

This dream does in fact work for some, but as it turns out, making mass marketed profitable clothing lines wasn’t in my genes.

I swept my idea under the rug and stepped back behind the bar, where I did what I did best; make those tips.

Although I was truly in my element playing bar wench for party-goers and music lovers, I knew that this career had an expiration date on it.

I decided to re-ignite my love for the beauty industry and began to explore my options. Although, the idea of going back to school to become a hairstylist or esthetician didn’t sound appealing. So, I continued the hunt for something suitable for my needs.

A few dedicated hours of scouring the internet and I found it; a short, reasonably priced course to become a certified waxer.

After I learned how to hold a wax stick like a wizard and hunckered down to learn the art of Brazilian waxing, I set up a table in my dining room and starting waxing my friends lady bits.

Once I became too busy for my roommates liking, I decided it was time to venture out on my own and find a space. My first location was a 10 x10 room with a sticker on the front door, a sandwich board at the back and a chalkboard with my prices on the wall.

It was real, live and in action.

As my clientele grew, my insane ideas grew along with them. I set myself goals and visualized where I wanted to be.

Here’s what that looked like:

1. Build my business
2. Open several locations
3. Franchise my business
4. Create a product line
5. Become a one hit wonder

While the first two goals are in full swing, the next three are a work in progress.

My movement never ends.

I am constantly re-evaluating my situation, seeing where I can grow and brainstorming new ideas. Whenever I become stagnant and stuck in my own head, I find creating goals and having an outlet helps put my ‘craziness’ to use.

As an ever evolving entrepreneur, whenever anyone asks how I’m doing, my response is always the same; “life is great, I'm just figuring it out."

I don’t come from a business background, I come from a creative background. When I opened my first business at 21, I didn’t think about the ‘what if's’ or dwell on the idea that it might not work.

I tried it out, put all my energy into it, ran with it and figured things out along the way.

My sweet t-shirt line “Lyrik” fizzled out and is no longer in production but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a success to me. I learned so much from that little clothing line which helped create the foundation for future endeavours.

Business is a constant learning experience. There are always going to be hurdles and struggles. But without these, we wouldn’t grow or learn how to better ourselves in any aspect, be it life or business.

However, as I grow, I find myself living in doubt at times. Once every few months I think; ‘what the f*$& am I doing?’

Sometimes those thoughts are accompanied with tears, and often they are accompanied with chocolate and bubble baths.

I'd say that the biggest realization I have had to overcome recently, is that I can’t make everyone happy, and that is ok.

Learning to separate emotions from business is a hard one, especially with small businesses, but it is a must in the pursuit to stay sane.

Your vision may not be for everyone, and that is OKAY.

Keep your visions, stay the course, put your energy into it and you will attract the team that’s supposed to help you achieve your goals, and you theirs.

My advice to future entrepreneurs would be to ‘check in on yourself.'

Our dreams and visions can consume us, which can be a beautiful thing, but also detrimental. If your sanity is compromised, you won’t have room for positive energy to flourish.

Take time away without your cell phone, get outside for a run, lay down for a savasana, or have a glass of wine.

We are the key players in our visions.

Be sure to check in, acknowledge when you need some respite and take care of YOU.

By Kyla Dufresne.

Kyla D is a waxing specialist and entrepreneur, who is in the process of establishing a waxing empire on Vancouver Island. She is the mastermind behind The Foxy Box, the most invigorating breathe of fresh hair to hit the beauty industry in Victoria in recent years. After tending bar at almost every establishment in Victoria, Kyla used her earnings from her night job to establish a small wax bar in the back of a jewelry shop. Three years later she leads a team of 15 at two locations and is poised to conquer the entire island, then the provence, and one day the world (one vagina at a time). Her sense of humour and ambition are unmatched, and she's ready to show the world a foxier way.


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