Entrepreneurship - Pushing Through Resistance

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Why do people start a business? Well for us, a sister team and lovers of health and fitness, it was never just about wanting to start a business when it began. One day, we came across a problem and became passionate about creating a solution. Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and we're just discovering if we have what it takes ourselves.

Starting a business has empowered us to take more ownership of our life. We didn't just come to work, do our 8-4 and then go home as we would in a regular day-to-day job. Even if we were passionate about said job, 100 per cent of our blood, sweat and tears would never go into it because it does not belong to us. At the end of the day the honour comes to the boss or the owner(s) to say, "I made this business what it is today".

Having said this, as much as starting Fitness Freedom has been an incredible and satisfying experience for both of us, we've also weathered through the challenges that come with a start-up. The major one we've come across is what we refer to as "the slump".

It's almost inevitable that in any new venture - whether it’s a business or not - there comes a time when you become saddled with doubts. Maybe because you don't get the wins as soon as you thought you would get them or because the momentum you had built-up at the beginning inevitably slowed down.

How to deal with the slump?

Being aware of its existence is step one. When you know what to expect, you can mentally prepare yourself for that moment. Knowing where to find inspiration when you need it is paramount and if you can't find it, find a way to create it. Do what it takes to push through and stay on track because getting out of the slump is harder than side-stepping it altogether.

This leads us to my next point. Most people will tell you, "Whatever you do, DON'T QUIT!" but is that always the best advice?

The truth is that sometimes it's okay to quit. No, we're not saying quit a project as soon as the going gets tough; we're saying that sometimes quitting is the best option.

Should you not quit if you're stuck in a soul-sucking job or in a toxic relationship? Absolutely you should.

The key is identifying the circumstances under which quitting is the best option. Strategic quitting is the secret to success. Reactive quitting is a big problem, and this is why many start-ups fail.

Being an entrepreneur isn't about how much funding you can get, how much experience or education you have - it is about the ability to make the strategic decisions that will ultimately result in success. And maybe the road to success is quitting one project and starting a new one.

Pretty much everything worth doing is controlled by that feeling of wanting to quit because it requires you to push through a layer of resistance. The reason we hear of so many businesses failing is because of that feeling and it ALWAYS comes, so be prepared for it!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin.

We have certainly had our fair share of moments where we've wanted to quit, and I am sure there will be more along the way.

The secret is to be smart about when to quit and understand your reasons. The road to success is paved by fails and wins and, ultimately, it is driven by the fails. We learn the most valuable lessons when we fail.

For those of you starting a business or thinking about starting a business, the best advice so far that we can pass on is to be prepared for the hard times. This will arm you with the resourcefulness you need to not be blinded by the "in the moment" struggles that inevitably come up for any business owner.

By Natalie & Alison Fisher

Natalie and Alison are the Co-Founders of Fitness Freedom Canada. Their monthly pass allows you to access a variety of fitness classes at different locations. They aim to provide choice to your workouts.

For more information visit; http://fitnessfreedomcanada.ca/

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