Dear Mom...

by Ryan Moen / Apr 21, 2015 / Comments

Dear Mom,

I know you've said you miss me, but I assure you I'm not gone.

Although we live seemingly further and further apart, and don't catch up as often as you'd like - I'm not gone.

What we share is something that cannot be lost.

At the moment you first looked into my eyes, and I back into yours, there were words I never spoke - 'I love you always.' Beyond any context of time or distance.

It is a love greater than the beat of my own heart. It was before my first heartbeat that you shared your own. You shared your breath, your world, you're everything.

We have shared the struggles of my growing up; my getting into trouble, my mistakes, my setbacks. And our love was always there.

From those struggles to adulthood, it was that love that guided our proudest moments. Each achievement and every milestone was something I could never have done without you.

You are the woman who has given me all. You are my inspiration.

I know it's difficult as my adult life fills with schedules and the days add up between our last talk, but know that I am working hard. My only hope is to work hard enough to live a life worthy of all the love and intent that has been invested in me.

So please don't be sad. Let's laugh and feed each other's hearts with joy.

Like an arctic summer sunset where the sun only nods into the horizon, you be today and I'll be the tomorrow.

I know you said you've missed me, but the next time you are thinking of me, know I'm thinking of you too.

Love always.

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Ryan Moen


Ryan Moen is one of Victoria's passionate Community Advocates. With a career in healthcare, he sees that health goes far beyond calories earned and burned. He believes health comes from the balance of all the interactions in our day to day lives. Empowering people to ask questions, helping find answers, and connecting different individuals thorough common causes, Ryan hopes to see his city grow stronger, together as a community.

Recognizing there was a role to be filled for public engagement, he has been involved in some of Victoria's newest community start up projects. Attending Mayoral open door sessions, Council meetings, neighbourhood association monthly's, webinars, seminars… all to stay informed. Provinding you with the power to shape your city.