Consciously Awake

Do You Have Boundaries?

by GEM Magazine / Sep 10, 2015 / Comments

To truly taste from unity, we must learn where we end and the other begins. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Don't leave home without them.

Sophie Gregoire - How Travelling Changed Me

by GEM Magazine / Aug 05, 2015 / Comments

I completely refused to go back to my former life as if nothing had happened. My views had changed and I wanted to align this with my daily actions. I therefore needed to find balance between the old me and the new me, while staying true to my heart.

Kelly Marceau - Remembering How To Live

by GEM Magazine / Jul 30, 2015 / Comments

I had forgotten the value of what things meant to me; Who I was, what I wanted and what I valued were all abstract concepts, none of them lived in reality.
Each one of my characters held a part of me that I had immortalized so this world couldn’t erase the imprint of my soul