Be The Change

Consciously Awake Women - Who We Are and What We Want From Men

by GEM Magazine / Jul 10, 2015 / Comments

Consciously Awake Women are not your average woman. We choose growth and evolution of self. We take pride in our personal development. We dive into the fires of our souls, emotional triggers, past wounds, flaws, mistakes, or pain. We aren’t afraid of therapy and we don’t allow fear to make decisions for us.

Universal Force - Letter From Albert Einstein

by GEM Magazine / Jul 03, 2015 / Comments

When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.

5 Signs That You're Outgrowing Yourself

by GEM Magazine / Jun 30, 2015 / Comments

A challenge to your well-being is precisely what it takes to catalyze lasting and meaningful personal transformation, and you must awaken and overcome, facing the worst of yourself in order to discover the better version of yourself in waiting.

Hostion Ho - The Heart Of Home

by GEM Magazine / Jun 27, 2015 / Comments

Yes, we are so different. We belong to different oceans, have different temperatures and depth, but now I see there are metaphorical rivers running between us, connecting us, and uniting us.

Charlie Hebdo - A Unique Perspective

by GEM Magazine / Jun 26, 2015 / Comments

The bad thing about free speech is that, depending on who's doling it out, it's not necessarily tasteful, appropriate or respectful. Just because we have the right to say something, does it mean it should be said?

Robert M. Drake - Change

by GEM Magazine / Jun 19, 2015 / Comments

Maybe today you are you, but maybe tomorrow you will be someone else. That alone is everything worth looking forward to.

Bill C-51 - Why We Need To Speak Louder

by GEM Magazine / May 25, 2015 / Comments

It seems that the world is unaware of just how dangerous this bill is. Although Canada has only ever had two reported incidents of what can potentially be called 'terrorism', this bill will have the power to strip away civil liberties and fundamental human rights from the people it is supposed to protect.

The Peaceful Revolution - How To Take Action

by GEM Magazine / May 21, 2015 / Comments

Any corrupt system requires 'we, the people' to carry out it's everyday corrupt activities, so the minute the people catch on, it's over.

Letter To My Younger Self

by GEM Magazine / May 13, 2015 / Comments

The same people that make fun of your body will call you for advice about loving their bodies and how to stay fit. Oh and they love big butts now. It's no longer "too big." But remember, it's not about what's 'in', it's about loving what you are born with.

How Mindfulness Can Enhance Your Happiness.

by GEM Magazine / May 12, 2015 / Comments

"It is the mind that translates good and bad circumstances into happiness or misery. So happiness comes with the purging of mental toxins, such as hatred, compulsive desire, arrogance and jealousy, which literally poison the mind. It also requires that one cease to distort reality and that one cultivate wisdom." Matthieu Ricard