Be The Change

From Victim to Victor: How To Recover From Your Trauma

by GEM Magazine / Sep 16, 2015 / Comments

As we work to clear the corners of ourselves, there is precious room being made for our ever-increasing greatness, both inside and out.

Kim Newns - Find Your Voice and Use It

by GEM Magazine / Sep 04, 2015 / Comments

There are so many things we need to speak up about, and we need voices of truth. We must encourage people to face this fear, to step up, to find our voice and to use it.

What Does Canada’s Shrinking Population Mean for You?

by GEM Magazine / Aug 28, 2015 / Comments

Growing old without a pension might become a scary reality for thousands of Canadians, which is something I would rather not think about; and yet, perhaps that is how we got here.

Noelle Cordeaux - Finding Freedom

by GEM Magazine / Aug 13, 2015 / Comments

I watched with dismay as my sense of personal agency, ambition, and autonomy went down the drain. I believed that I was not entitled to a good life until I had the shape of my body under control. So I punished myself with isolation.

Why I Wont "Man Up"

by GEM Magazine / Aug 08, 2015 / Comments

Damaging trends within my everyday life were consuming me inside and I knew that I could not live up to the image of a man I had created in my head.

Are We Losing Our Human Connection?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 31, 2015 / Comments

Technology is allowing us to advance quickly but almost at a pace which is destructive. Integrating older practices such as meditation and yoga into our modern lives is like giving us a parachute that enables us to slow down.

Kelly Marceau - Remembering How To Live

by GEM Magazine / Jul 30, 2015 / Comments

I had forgotten the value of what things meant to me; Who I was, what I wanted and what I valued were all abstract concepts, none of them lived in reality.
Each one of my characters held a part of me that I had immortalized so this world couldn’t erase the imprint of my soul

Shopping for Oranges - Knowing the Person Behind the Skin

by GEM Magazine / Jul 27, 2015 / Comments

We often see people, who on the surface are calm, collected and charitable, then when suddenly faced with pressure become angry, bitter and vengeful. That’s unfortunately in many cases their true nature, but we weren't aware because we were looking at the skin.

4 Video Clips That Will Change Your Perspective

by GEM Magazine / Jul 16, 2015 / Comments

We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.

4 Ways To Positively Transform Yourself.

by GEM Magazine / Jul 14, 2015 / Comments

The single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, live by exemplary example.