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Are You Breaking Away From The Mainstream Mold?

by GEM Magazine / Feb 28, 2017 / Comments

From a young age we are encouraged to fit into a socially constructed mould in order to be accepted. Conformity and standardisation are hallmarks of our education system. The media, through carefully selected icons, dictates and reinforces societal ideals of what is and isn’t desirable.

5 Scientific Reasons To Practice Meditation

by GEM Magazine / May 28, 2015 / Comments

Meditation practices were once shrouded in a mystical cloak of spirituality, as religious or New Age-y, but these days, mindfulness has been getting its fair share of attention as a pathway to greater happiness and well-being. It’s understandable that there are skeptics wary of what is starting to seem like more of a trend than a longterm solution, as mindfulness has become more of a buzzword than anything else.

Stop Catcalling Me

by GEM Magazine / Mar 30, 2015 / Comments

Street harassment is real, and it is serious. A wolf whistle or catcall reveals an indifference toward the woman’s humanity, and the ignorance of the possibility of her discomfort. It suggests that a woman is nothing more than her body.

Table For One Please

by Ashleigh James / Mar 14, 2015 / Comments

For the first time in 27 years I can honestly say that I enjoy my own company. Even though I've always been an independent and fairly confident young woman, I can admit to being a serial monogamist.

The Never Ending Story

by GEM Magazine / Mar 12, 2015 / Comments

The journey that I am on will never truly be done. I will reach my "goal weight", I will meet the challenges I set for myself head on, I will manage to organize my home and my personal space but I am constantly evolving and changing. What worked for me yesterday will look different in the morning light of today.