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I have always needed an outlet for my energy so when I watched a boxing match on TV at 12 years old, I instantly knew that I had to try it. After months of begging my Dad, he finally agreed to take me.

I excelled straight away, winning my first fight against someone who was 15 years older than me. I then went on to win 52 fights, with one loss. Now, even though I loved it, I would never say it was easy. To get inside the ring with someone who wants to win just as badly as you do is extremely powerful. It teaches you a lot about yourself.

It was difficult to maintain weight, I didn't have much of a social life or boyfriends throughout school and when my friends were making money from part time jobs, I was training.

You can't have it all. I was an elite athlete on the National Team and I had to make sacrifices. Looking back, I realize I wasn't missing out on anything.

"Anything is possible if you want it bad enough."

Being involved in such a competitive sport from a young age, especially a male dominated sport, taught me that you have to earn your respect. I had to walk into the gym and give it my all. There's always going to be someone who is better than you, but you have to try your hardest.

My coach always said, "fear no one but respect everyone." This powerful statement taught me to be honest and stand your ground while always respecting others. As a woman, it can be hard to hold your own but you should always know your own worth and value. Don't let anyone take that from you. Remember that no one puts someone else down because they are feeling good inside.

I grew up a chubby child and children can be mean. I always had that in the back of my mind. However, if you surround yourself with a positive team of people who support you then anything is possible.

While no one can push me around in the gym, there are definitely other areas where I don't feel as confident.

Parenting is fairly new to me. I often see other Mom's raising their children differently and question if I'm doing the right thing. You only get one chance to raise them and I want my boys to be strong and secure in themselves so they don't feel the need to put anyone else down.

"All I want to do is raise babies and workout."

I'd like to help Mom's realize how possible it is to achieve optimum nutrition and fitness without struggling or starving. I'm also working towards a fitness competition which is my current challenge. I believe you should always be working towards something, pushing yourself.

For me, health is the ultimate goal. Being healthy in mind, body and spirit through nutrition, exercise and positive relationships. I believe it's important to focus on the beauty in life rather than the negativity that often surrounds us in the media.

I have many goals I'd like achieve but being a good Mom to my two boys is at the top of my priorities.

Interviewed by Ashleigh James.

With a strong background in massage therapy, fitness and nutrition, Baylea Wilkins is a former National Boxing champion, super Mom and future fitness competitor.

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