How My Life Began the Day It Ended

by GEM Magazine / Jul 22, 2015 / Comments

Something about that event shifted EVERYTHING. Watching him die made me realize that I have one shot at this life, and I better stop fucking around and wasting it.

Free Yourself from Body Dissatisfaction

by GEM Magazine / Jul 21, 2015 / Comments

I want you to imagine a state of being where the feelings about your body don't impact your mood, sense of self-worth, feelings of accomplishment, or the way that you perceive yourself in comparison to others. What would that be like for you?

Eric Earling - What The Hell Happened To Me?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 20, 2015 / Comments

A former colleague wrote to me recently, to ask what the inspiration was to completely change my life. On reflection, I found myself asking;

What the hell did actually happen to me?

A lot, really.

I was broken. To the core.

My life was miserable. I was unhappy, overweight and depressed. My marriage was dead. And I wasn’t the father I wanted to be.

The Art of Timefulness

by GEM Magazine / Jul 18, 2015 / Comments

Have you noticed how some people seem to get more done in their day than others? Do you wonder if those super-productive people have some sort of time machine?

4 Video Clips That Will Change Your Perspective

by GEM Magazine / Jul 16, 2015 / Comments

We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.

4 Ways To Positively Transform Yourself.

by GEM Magazine / Jul 14, 2015 / Comments

The single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, live by exemplary example.

Consciously Awake Women - Who We Are and What We Want From Men

by GEM Magazine / Jul 10, 2015 / Comments

Consciously Awake Women are not your average woman. We choose growth and evolution of self. We take pride in our personal development. We dive into the fires of our souls, emotional triggers, past wounds, flaws, mistakes, or pain. We aren’t afraid of therapy and we don’t allow fear to make decisions for us.

Izzy Shafey - Zenthai Shiatsu

by GEM Magazine / Jul 09, 2015 / Comments

I grew up in destitute areas in and surrounding Toronto which were quite oppressive. There weren't many positive opportunities for the youth available and the potential to follow a very destructive path is high. It was a way of life I found myself on the edge of giving into a number of times.

Seeing the potential to go down this negative spiral, along with the devastating consequences it can entail, made me realize that it was not the life I wanted for myself. So I chose to follow a different path.

We all have a choice.

The Magic Of Synchronicity

by GEM Magazine / Jul 07, 2015 / Comments

Each field of meaning has a particular vibration to it, and objects, individuals, emotions, symbols, dreams, and events that share this vibration may resonate with one another and then, as a result, co-occur in time and space. If so, this may be what causes a synchronicity.

Is Your Love Tank Full?

by Kressa Sisu / Jul 04, 2015 / Comments

There's a lot of confusion in relationships, as how we express love is different for each individual. One person can be expressing their language of love and expect the other person to feel loved and content, but if it's in a way that your partner doesn’t understand, they won’t realize you’ve expressed love at all.