Carew Martin - Why I Don't Shun Anti-Depressants

by GEM Magazine / Aug 09, 2015 / Comments

I was raking leaves one day and it dawned on me how little I cared about what I was doing with my life. That feeling intensified until I simply put down the rake, walked inside and started to cry.

Why I Wont "Man Up"

by GEM Magazine / Aug 08, 2015 / Comments

Damaging trends within my everyday life were consuming me inside and I knew that I could not live up to the image of a man I had created in my head.

Why We Need To Look Beyond The Surface

by GEM Magazine / Aug 06, 2015 / Comments

As a society, we can make snap judgements based on how others look. Whether it be the colour of their skin or the clothes that they wear. Sometimes it can make me feel as though I don’t belong on the surface, when at my core, I know I do.

Sophie Gregoire - How Travelling Changed Me

by GEM Magazine / Aug 05, 2015 / Comments

I completely refused to go back to my former life as if nothing had happened. My views had changed and I wanted to align this with my daily actions. I therefore needed to find balance between the old me and the new me, while staying true to my heart.

My Spiritual Awakening

by Ashleigh James / Aug 03, 2015 / Comments

I tried to take it all in my stride but I was panicking inside. "Why was this happening to me?" "Am I crazy?" "I just want to be 'normal'."

Are We Losing Our Human Connection?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 31, 2015 / Comments

Technology is allowing us to advance quickly but almost at a pace which is destructive. Integrating older practices such as meditation and yoga into our modern lives is like giving us a parachute that enables us to slow down.

Kelly Marceau - Remembering How To Live

by GEM Magazine / Jul 30, 2015 / Comments

I had forgotten the value of what things meant to me; Who I was, what I wanted and what I valued were all abstract concepts, none of them lived in reality.
Each one of my characters held a part of me that I had immortalized so this world couldn’t erase the imprint of my soul

Danika Enad - I Am Enough

by GEM Magazine / Jul 28, 2015 / Comments

I can remember staring up at my ceiling begging to be taken away. Eventually I would fall asleep with tears on my cheek and wake up the same way. It was a life that had somehow stopped being worth living, but I was still there. I was still alive.

Shopping for Oranges - Knowing the Person Behind the Skin

by GEM Magazine / Jul 27, 2015 / Comments

We often see people, who on the surface are calm, collected and charitable, then when suddenly faced with pressure become angry, bitter and vengeful. That’s unfortunately in many cases their true nature, but we weren't aware because we were looking at the skin.

Can Money Truly Make You Happy?

by GEM Magazine / Jul 23, 2015 / Comments

Why do we have a world obsessed with money? The world is in excess of money, it is obsessed with the idea of the life money can provide.